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May 3, 2013



This is bigger than me.
What is coming. What is now.
Terrifyingly gorgeous to hold within… making me new.
There is no “as it’s always been” anymore.
Everything is…


Oh, shift.

You wake me in the night with gentle light, slowly intensifying…Leading me into this.


It consumes me
I wrestle to find comfort in my restless discomfort. Pushing from the inside… growing,  alive.
Changing me.
Changing my mind.

All that does not want to go resists…
And the war within to keep ties with the past

Surrender to the volume of it.
The height
The breadth
The depth
The width
Of worth and treasures colliding into an abundance… an inheritance.
A birthright.

I was made for these moments
For this walk and this work
Words arising
Heart pouring
Mind renewing
Lives changing
Holy becoming
Miracles manifesting

In This.

April 10, 2013

Welcome, New Moon…

Welcome New Moon

I have always had a deep love for the Moon…
entranced by it’s BIGNESS and allured on those nights when only a mere sliver is seen.

I often feel so kindred to it’s moods and transitions
The Moon and I… we’re made up of the same stuff
Our cycles go from big to small… or at least we appear that way to the human eye.

Intrigued by the wonders of the sky… of tides and seasons
The fears of past tribes quenched my craving to know why I am so deeply affected
So moved by the rhythms and patterns of this great Creation
The intoxication of soul and physical response as the waters within crave nearness to the Shore’s tides.

I welcome a new knowing…
Now that beliefs are shifting and the God parameters are appropriately expanding
I choose to embrace that there are depths unspoken

I want in on that conversation
Holy Spirit holds my hand
and we venture out into the expanse

Welcome, New Moon.
I’ve admired you from afar until now
Do you mind if I come closer?
I’d love to know of your mysteries

I’ve got all night, if you do…

May 4, 2005

>Change of Face

Here I am… the girl of many faces! Posted by Hello

It has been such an interesting endeavour to begin to study 1st and 2nd Corinthians. As I was considering what to share today… I came across this picture collage created some time ago…out of old and new pictures. Looking at it again, it made me ponder the many faces that I exhibit to the world. Have you ever stopped to think about that? What do you really look like to the people around you?

2 Corinthians 3:17-18 states: ( Read This Chapter )
Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit.

There have been many transformations in my life…. my hair has changed (often)….my smile, my laugh, my style. All of these changes were visibly seen. Yet the greatest and most glorious changes were not as clearly seen. They took place in my heart. The more I allowed the Spirit of the Lord to inhabit my life… the more those around me could see His image beginning to shine forth.

Daily, this process continues for all of us. With faces as mirrors, we reflect the glory of Christ.
We do so by taking on His features… His characteristics.
Do your eyes continue to sparkle with hope… when you see the darkness in this world and those around you?
Your smile… does it linger… though you face the insensitivity of a stranger, or the misunderstanding of a friend?
Are your lips soft with kind words…whether they are appreciated or rejected?
From glory to glory each day, may we be changed.

May we see more of Jesus in us today,

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