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April 10, 2013

Welcome, New Moon…

Welcome New Moon

I have always had a deep love for the Moon…
entranced by it’s BIGNESS and allured on those nights when only a mere sliver is seen.

I often feel so kindred to it’s moods and transitions
The Moon and I… we’re made up of the same stuff
Our cycles go from big to small… or at least we appear that way to the human eye.

Intrigued by the wonders of the sky… of tides and seasons
The fears of past tribes quenched my craving to know why I am so deeply affected
So moved by the rhythms and patterns of this great Creation
The intoxication of soul and physical response as the waters within crave nearness to the Shore’s tides.

I welcome a new knowing…
Now that beliefs are shifting and the God parameters are appropriately expanding
I choose to embrace that there are depths unspoken

I want in on that conversation
Holy Spirit holds my hand
and we venture out into the expanse

Welcome, New Moon.
I’ve admired you from afar until now
Do you mind if I come closer?
I’d love to know of your mysteries

I’ve got all night, if you do…

March 2, 2009

>Making room for promises…

>What a wonderful weekend it’s been…
I feel more rested then I have in weeks and a new sense of hope is swirling within me.
Hope for what? Well, I am not exactly sure… I am just peaceful in places that have not felt serene for quite some time.

Thank God.

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As I turn the planner pages to reveal a new week and the official beginning of business in March, I am sensing something new. Maybe it’s the promise of Spring… as Life is working it’s way through the soil and roots are going deeper to prepare a life source for the colorful blooms we will soon enjoy in nature.
Winter’s chill and apparent dormancy was only a grand stage curtain, covering the busyness of new life’s preparation. Something glorious is about to appear.

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That’s it… I remember now. It’s promises from long ago… even those that became too hard to believe. The ones that hurt sometimes to remember. They are pushing through the soil… and being made ready for their appearance.

As you and I make our plans for the week… and even this month, I extend to you a joyful challenge. Will you join me, in making room for your heart’s desires?
Will you clear away time to do that thing you long for… or to be with the one(s) you’ve been waiting on?
I believe it will be worth it.

Enjoy this day… knowing that something beautiful is coming :0)

Oh God… how precious it is to ponder Your Faithfulness and to remember back on times when You’ve come through. Spring is on the horizon, and in my heart… I feel that it brings with it some long standing desires that have been unfulfilled until now. Receive my thanks in advance… as my heart swells with great joy just thinking about how good You are.
Lord, for all of us, who are in the waiting, for those secret things that You whispered so long ago… may you grant us peace and endow us with a patience that we can no longer conjure up on our own. It is only by Your Spirit that we can wait with joy.
Show us how, to make room for You… and the fulness that You long to bring with Your presence.
With Love and great Gratitude… in the Name of Jesus!
Amen 🙂

Have a beautiful day,

September 15, 2007

>So long, Summer!!

>Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket This morning, I arose with excitement. That feeling that I can only describe as “like I’m falling in love”, has been teasing my senses, again. Each year around this time, when the Summer fades into Fall, there is just something that comes over me. And I love it.

But this year, for the first time since moving to Nashville, I am just a little more greatful for this present season… and I suppose I’ll give credit to growing up a little, and gaining perspective as more years of life pass by. It used to be that I would rush this time along… waiting, hoping…. longing for the days of Apple cider and falling leaves… but time has made me different now, and so I’d like to stop and ponder what I’ve enjoyed about Summer!

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This summer has been a time of restored joy, in the deepest sense… not just restoration from a setback, but a “priming of the well within” if you will. You know those Living Waters, the Bible says we have… well, I can feel them flowing again within me.
It’s been filled with reconnection with old friends and the re-establishment of old dreams! Yes, Summer is a time of being fully awake and alive!

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FLIP FLOPS!!!! Need I say more! I adore the feeling of freedom… lazying around in floppy shoes of every hue. Since I am most happy when I’m Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket wearing these are the next best thing!
This year, I found many new ones, but two pair became my favorites and seem to never leave my feet. One was a pair of cozy grey ones that looked and felt like your favorite soft t-shirt… and the other were a fabulous pair of black ones with a rhinestone circle in the center that reminded me of the eternity necklaces! So pretty! My silly sophistication…. rhinestone and denim diva that I am…lol.
I will miss wearing them the most :0)

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Though I did not take an actual vacation this year, I must say that is one of the best parts of summer. Being at the beach, in a great city or up in the mountains when the days are long and free time is plentiful… there’s just nothing like it!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Speaking of summer trips, I used to travel across country to Colorado the end of every July. Long car rides are so much fun! But not through Kansas… ugh (sorry if you’re from there and you love it). It is by far one of the most boring states I have ever travelled through…
BUT there is a redemptive moment though… one of my fondest memories of those drives, was when after hours of flat land… nothingness… the feeling of desertion (j/k), we would suddenly come upon a field of sunflowers !!!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket The would seem to stretch for miles and miles!!
Just amazing…. I was always blown away that such a gorgeous scene would be placed out in the middle of nowhere! God is so sweet to give everyone and everything SOMETHING beautiful!!
selah, huh?

There’s been so many beautiful things….

Sweet tea and lemonade sipped on patios with good friends…
kids playin’ in sprinklers….
Sunshine and soft rains…. at the same time…
The Call 7.7.07
air conditioning in my new car…
falling in love all over again…

just a few memories that have made this Summer… a good one. I’m so thankful!

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Thank you for the beauty of another season… today I celebrate the joys and the sweetness of this Summer ’07. Wow! You know the full story, of just how much restoration and newness You brought to my life. You’ve taught me to love, in deeper ways and to embrace the things I don’t understand… even if they are a simple as a season… timing. I’m so glad that Your ways are much higher than mine… and that although it took all of these years for me to really value the days of Sunshine…You are so patient and loving. Thank You.
I’m in awe of all that You do.
Bless each friend, new and old.
Continue the restoration and the setting right of all things in my life.
Thank you for new things and fresh adventures… for flip flops and happy hearts!
And for allowing me to fall in love with you, all over again.

I’m amazed by You!

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