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May 3, 2013



This is bigger than me.
What is coming. What is now.
Terrifyingly gorgeous to hold within… making me new.
There is no “as it’s always been” anymore.
Everything is…


Oh, shift.

You wake me in the night with gentle light, slowly intensifying…Leading me into this.


It consumes me
I wrestle to find comfort in my restless discomfort. Pushing from the inside… growing,  alive.
Changing me.
Changing my mind.

All that does not want to go resists…
And the war within to keep ties with the past

Surrender to the volume of it.
The height
The breadth
The depth
The width
Of worth and treasures colliding into an abundance… an inheritance.
A birthright.

I was made for these moments
For this walk and this work
Words arising
Heart pouring
Mind renewing
Lives changing
Holy becoming
Miracles manifesting

In This.

April 10, 2013

Welcome, New Moon…

Welcome New Moon

I have always had a deep love for the Moon…
entranced by it’s BIGNESS and allured on those nights when only a mere sliver is seen.

I often feel so kindred to it’s moods and transitions
The Moon and I… we’re made up of the same stuff
Our cycles go from big to small… or at least we appear that way to the human eye.

Intrigued by the wonders of the sky… of tides and seasons
The fears of past tribes quenched my craving to know why I am so deeply affected
So moved by the rhythms and patterns of this great Creation
The intoxication of soul and physical response as the waters within crave nearness to the Shore’s tides.

I welcome a new knowing…
Now that beliefs are shifting and the God parameters are appropriately expanding
I choose to embrace that there are depths unspoken

I want in on that conversation
Holy Spirit holds my hand
and we venture out into the expanse

Welcome, New Moon.
I’ve admired you from afar until now
Do you mind if I come closer?
I’d love to know of your mysteries

I’ve got all night, if you do…

June 7, 2006

>Living in His Breeze

>It’s really nice right now in Nashville… about 85 with a beautiful breeze blowing during the heat of the day. Where I work, there is a garden with benches and a wishing-well type fountain. Yesterday, a friend and I took a break and sat beside it.
What an oasis in the middle of a busy workday.
Thank you, Daddy!

So many days, I find myself concentrating on who I need to become and how I need to do so many things better. Yet, lately I have been praying that I will continuously refocus when those thoughts come. If I can remember to stay in the moment and realize that I have everything I truly need… life suddenly becomes much more peaceful.

It’s kind of like that little picture of Eden I had yesterday. The truth was that my little friend and I went outside to blow off some steam… you know, what we call “venting”. The office was getting just a little too small for all of our inflated egos to co-exist… and the audacity of the people in charge, their demands and opinions were rubbing us the wrong way… yet AGAIN!

And in the middle of our ranting… that still, small, precious voice was gently encouraging me… “look around, Tracye… do you see the beauty? Can you feel my breeze? I am here… and I am trying to get your attention”…

Oh, Goodness was speaking in the midst of my sin, once AGAIN.

As we climbed the staircase to re-enter the place we abhorred … something had been changed on the inside of me. Though my attitude was not immediately affected…. I now realize that the rest of the day was different for me.

Somewhere during that afternoon, I quietly repented and welcomed His perspective back in.
How amazing it was to literally feel the atmosphere change and my heart soften.
The rest of the work day was really nice… but the lasting part was the living water flowing within me and the soft breeze of His love that was blowing through the corridors of my heart.

How are you today? Are you living in that Breeze too?
Or maybe you are struggling to focus on what truly matters… as I often do.
Opinions and emotions are continuously mutable… but He is eternal… and His ways will keep us peaceful, no matter where we are.

Sweet Breath of Life… I crown you now… Lord of this day!
Thank you for saving me from myself yesterday… and I know you will do the same again today….
Beautiful….I am humbled and amazed at how you continue to love me in spite of myself.
I adore you, Precious Father… and I look forward to walking through each moment of this day, aware of You… aware of Your Breeze… Your beautiful fragrance.
Bless my friend and me today, Lord.. and reveal Yourself to us in a way that will be memorable, no matter what comes our way.
Keep our hearts, minds and souls focused on nothing and no one else but You.
You are worthy… and you’ve made us worth it…

In the Fragrant Name of Jesus!

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