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March 25, 2013

Broken Open

Broken open beach healing

Life deeply altered… a less frequent smile
but a shimmering hope and a light in her eyes.
She walks on through dimly lit moments.

Broken Open… Shining.

A peace returning… trust being restored.
One day into the next, brand new steps are taken
into the unknown.
Past the fear and into brilliance.

Broken Open… Becoming.

Wide-open heart, unwilling to go numb
feeling every intensity of both pain and bliss.
Tasting it
the salt of tears and the honey of kindness when it comes around.

Broken Open… Healing.

Seaside tenderness… the ocean her close friend.
Walks along waters that truly listen to her story.
Waves and wind that hold on so that she can let go

Broken Open… Releasing.

With feathers in her hair and a ring in her nose
Scarves to adorn earthen-toned clothes
Her sparkle has changed
It is her heart now that radiantly shows.
She is.

Broken Open… Beautiful.


February 19, 2010

>Blessings and Brokeness – Day 2

>Today was eventful.
It felt like Christmas as an amazing friend honored me with some much needed resources… just in the knick of time. They just kept coming…and I was overwhelmed with gratitude!

It felt like heartbreak, as I grieved with other friends who lost their jobs today.

A little sweetness… and alot of bitter.

Jesus, I wonder if your journey was like that while you walked the Earth.
How I long to have a peek at one of your really good days… you know, where you laughed and maybe played a bit. I’m sure I’d be touched to see a time when the loving-kindness of one of your friends caused your heart to feel such bliss.
I know so much more about your painful times… of being mocked, scorned, judged, accused and even worse.

How often did you smile? Was your laughter like a giggle or a roar. Wow, Jesus… did you snort???

I like thinking about You… imagining You.
Focusing on You.
It really helped today… because I saw you in the beautiful moments… and I clung to you in the Brokeness.

Thanks for being YOU.

June 25, 2008

>Bare Souls and Burning Spirits!!!

>Donald Miller, the author of “Blue like Jazz”, uses words in the most luxurious way. Yet, I think what draws me and so many others to his work, is that the finished work… although full of intricacies, is quite simple and easy to understand.

painted deserts
I happened upon a copy of “Through Painted Deserts” on Monday, and have been intrigued at the turn of each page. Put maybe a little too simplistically, this book is a memoir of Don’s three-month road trip spent crossing country in a Volkswagen camping van. As the back cover teases, Don and his buddy Paul “dive headlong into the deepest of human questions and find answers outside words – answers that have to be experienced to be believed”.

After beginning the 2nd chapter this morning, I invite you to find a copy yourself and dig in… as this work has already proven a worthy adventure.

Last night, I rehearsed with friends, as part of a new work that God is doing. It is amazing to be a part of this ministry. I will share more in blogs to come about what we’re about. But what I want to say most today, is how stunned and blessed I was last night, as I watched the power of speaking the Truth IN LOVE overcome the silence’s potential to breed confusion and hard feelings. Frustrations arose in many of us and the temptation was to internalize, judge and harbor negative feelings.
We could have left it all that way.
We could have remained unchanged.

What I experienced last night was a group of beautifully broken people… ready and willing to do life differently than before. We all shared openly of our personal struggles and gave one another glimpses into one another’s brokeness. What a wondrous time we had, being willing to be visibly weak and watching the strength of God that arose in those moments.
I am so grateful to step out on the waters with these men and women of God… and be ministered to as we minister.
Thank you, friends.

What touched me the most from my reading in Don’s book this morning, was the quote from a song by Robert Earl Keen Jr’s song, “Road to No Return”.
It resonated and echoed thoughts from last night and also reassured me that this journey we are on will not lead us back to the same places we have already been.
It is a new day. This is a new place in God that we are walking… and it is not for us to turn around. Yes, we may find that in taking steps forward on this path, we revisit some places we have once tread… but we can find comfort and joy in knowing it will not ever be as it was before. Praise the Lord!

But each new morning sunrise
Is just as good as gold
And all the hope inside you
Will keep you from the cold
Bare your soul and let your spirit burn
Out along the road to no return
I pray today, that we all would do just that. May we “BARE OUR SOULS AND LET OUR SPIRITS BURN”!!! What a wonderful time of healing and bonding you allowed last night. My heart is ever grateful.
May each reader of this words, find a place of strength in You today, that gives them the reassurance that they can be weak. I am absolutely there… and I never want to regain my own strength again.
Lord, I humbly lay myself bare today… wherever I go. Even on my job, oh Lord, let me be willing to ask for help. Let me open my mouth and speak of my needs… and feel the comfort of those who come to bring what they can offer. Help me not to squirm when arms are wrapped around me… or to struggle to stand, as a sweet hand is reached toward me. We so desperately need You… and your love that is poured out through your children. Help us, to receive it today.
And God, as we find that bare place… may our spirits BURN with a fire for You! May it burn brighter and hotter than ever before. There is nothing like knowing that we are truly loved.
And as we allow Truth to rise in us and around us… finding beauty in brokeness and hope in humility… may we know that place of extreme passion! No more lukewarmness God!! We cry out for even more! Holy Fire, come and purify… burn away everything unlike You and cause us to come as pure Gold!
We love and adore you!!
In Jesus’ name… amen.
May 16, 2005

>Tempered Glass

A nice glass of wine Posted by Hello

It is during the tough times, that we grow.
From the challenges, we learn compassion.Right?
While we were in prayer tonight at a Youth Gathering that I helped out with, I saw a vision.
There were several wine glasses on a belt in a factory. They were being “made”. There was not anything fancy about them, rather they were your typical clear, goblet styled drinking glasses that you would normally drink water or iced tea from at a reception or banquet.I could see the wine fade in and out (so that I would know that these particular glasses werets were made for the purpose of holding wine). All in lines, the glasses were traveling down the conveyor belt and heading toward a tunnel. I heard the word “tempered”… and had a “knowing” that I should study the process of tempering glass.This research proved to be so rich… and the message therein was quite powerful.

We are alot like those wine glasses… meant to hold something that is costly and of great value… and our lives are much like that of the process that glass goes through to be tempered.
In short, part of the tempering process is to apply great heat to ordinary glass… which gives it a strength far greater than a plain, untreated piece of glass. Because it has gone throughthe fire, it can now withstand more adverse conditions, like heat and pressure.
Aren’t we the same?
Though it doesn’t feel good to go through the “heat” of life…. once we have made it through, we are able to deal with more difficult times without breaking.

Another characteristic of tempered glass is that when it does shatter, it breaks into smaller, less jagged fragments… instead of the long, sharp slithers that it would become had it not been tempered.
And such is our life. When we have not been tempered… or gone through heat and pressure, we are more prone to hurt one another. In our brokenness, we are sharp and cutting… whether we want to be or not.

Maybe you feel the heat and pressure of life right now. Be encouraged… your adversity has not come to break you… but to make you stronger! Allow the tempering to take place.
You too, shall be a stronger, less hurtful, more beautiful vessel because of it.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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