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January 12, 2015

>Please stand clear of barricades!

How appropriate. As I become reacquainted with my blog and feel my way around… I came across this post from 2009. It is relevant to me, once again, and I hope it is worthy of a repost. I’d love to know your thoughts…


Have you ever felt like your life is Under Construction?
Okay, perpetually?

Maybe you want to wear a warning sign to tell the people around you to be careful… this part of me aint so pretty and it’s not quiet “finished” yet?

This airport sign kept staring at me while I waited the other morning.
I immediately identified with what the baggage claim area was going through. It was in transition… getting a makeover. You know, being improved! And someone put up some cardboard barricades to cover up the construction and keep not only the work area… but also, the people around it as safe as possible.
Geesh, isn’t that like our lives? Our hearts?
I thought about how we try to find prettier ways to transport our baggage whereever we go… or to disguise that it’s even there. We invite new people into our lives and get excited…

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