Relax Into Love – an ecourse

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ― Rumi

Relax Into Love no date

We know the sheer bliss of being in Love… that place of total acceptance.

Opening our hearts wide, we allow the essence of desire in and (taking a deep breath)

Feel again.

Embracing the possibilities of a new story, we

Accept and Awaken

Dream and Trust

We come alive

We shine

We become giddy with joy

We feel supported and worthy

and over time, if we are afforded the honor we finally begin to

Relax into Love

Come and join me… for a 6 week gaze into a love affair that is always available to us. It does not rely on any other person but is cultivated within and only deepens as we realize just how connected we truly are.

Mind, Body and Spirit engaged, we will lean into our connection with Our Creator, Ourselves and Others. Through visioning, positive meditation, soul assignments, Sharing Light and Circling with one another in a private facebook group, we will learn together, how to relax… into Love.

Beginning April 1st, you will receive email prompts 5 days per week with exercises and instruction. We will circle mostly in our fb group to share our insights and support.
For those of us who are in the Tampa area, we will end with a physical gathering… to connect and celebrate!

This offering is one of first steps in the next phase of my life, as a Spiritual Guide and Life Coach.
As a promotional offer, I would love for as many to join is as can.
After our initial experience, this course will be priced at $39.

If you join us on this April excursion, I am giving you the option to pay what feels right for you (min. $5.00).

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I hope you will join us…




2 Responses to “Relax Into Love – an ecourse”

  1. Getting yourself ready to love and knowing that what you give you receive is a worthwhile exercise. I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Look forward to reading your response if you choose to play 🙂


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