>Happy Faces… Happy Hearts


Last week, I had a few vacation hours that needed to be used… soooo I headed down to Atlanta to see some of my favorite people. My Sis, my bun-in-the-oven neice… affectionately called “Baby Bump” and this little face right here, my nephew Tayo!

Always the comedian, I had to share this pic which was pretty much the state of our faces the entire time. Smiles, smiles and more smiles!

Leaving lots of details out… for time’s sake, I will suffice to say that after such a great weekend we all were left with happy faces and happy hearts!
I am so grateful… for the precious time we were given.

Dear Daddy,
For being YOU… and for being able to cheer away the chill of Winter in both the natural and within my heart. The Love of family and the joy of children so filled with Light, Life and incredible imagination has a way of bringing sunshine that fills us up so beautifully!
Renewal happened…and I feel the anticipation of Spring. Newness!
I welcome all that is in store, knowing you have reviewed it all and smiled upon it.
My heart is happy, because of Your plan and your provision.
Bless my precious family. May they remain joyful throughout the week, even as I will. May we always remember to smile up at You, as You smile upon us.
Lord, let the Light of Your face shine on us.
You are radiantly lovely and we long for You…
In Jesus’ Name.


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