>Blessings and Brokeness – Day 2

>Today was eventful.
It felt like Christmas as an amazing friend honored me with some much needed resources… just in the knick of time. They just kept coming…and I was overwhelmed with gratitude!

It felt like heartbreak, as I grieved with other friends who lost their jobs today.

A little sweetness… and alot of bitter.

Jesus, I wonder if your journey was like that while you walked the Earth.
How I long to have a peek at one of your really good days… you know, where you laughed and maybe played a bit. I’m sure I’d be touched to see a time when the loving-kindness of one of your friends caused your heart to feel such bliss.
I know so much more about your painful times… of being mocked, scorned, judged, accused and even worse.

How often did you smile? Was your laughter like a giggle or a roar. Wow, Jesus… did you snort???

I like thinking about You… imagining You.
Focusing on You.
It really helped today… because I saw you in the beautiful moments… and I clung to you in the Brokeness.

Thanks for being YOU.


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