>Please stand clear of barricades!


Have you ever felt like your life is Under Construction?
Okay, perpetually?
Maybe you want to wear a warning sign to tell the people around you to be careful… this part of me aint so pretty and it’s not quiet “finished” yet?
This airport sign kept staring at me while I waited the other morning.
I immediately identified with what the baggage claim area was going through. It was in transition… getting a makeover. You know, being improved! And someone put up some cardboard barricades to cover up the construction and keep not only the work area… but also, the people around it as safe as possible.
Geesh, isn’t that like our lives? Our hearts?
I thought about how we try to find prettier ways to transport our baggage whereever we go… or to disguise that it’s even there. We invite new people into our lives and get excited about the journey we are on with them. The ride is enjoyable, often times, until we head down to the baggage claim area and begin to collect our luggage.
This got me to thinking about a conversation with a new friend who challenged me about this very subject. One night, during a conversation…there I was, thinking I’m just the picture of openness, sharing and fun. I offered the pretty parts… which I would envision to be the cute little Prada suitcase and maybe my absolutely adorable matching toiletries bag. But he wanted to know what was behind my cardboard wall. He had the audacity (okay, okay…”interest”) to inquire about my construction area. He pointed it out… and instead of being repelled by it, came closer and continued to inquire.
(Insert nervous fidgeting and chirping crickets while girl tried to think of some brilliant explaination).

Brilliance… never came.
So since you stopped and read this post… my not-easily-evaded friend, a staring airport sign and I (the fidgety girl) would like to know about your construction areas.
Can you relate? And if so, what does your sign say?
Pondering… as always,


6 Comments to “>Please stand clear of barricades!”

  1. >My sign says….Job Wanted. The only problem is that this time around I am not settling! The opportunity is definitely greater when you are not accepting what is given but propelling ones self against the grain. Looking for what cool be as opposed to what others are giving freely. Behind my wall are many children book manuscripts just waiting to be published and YES that teaching job that I will score before I am really ready to start it. When I say ready I mean I hope that OI have enough time to get myself ready to not only recieve physicaly that job but to mentally prosper at it. Life can be a place where self easily evades the obvious. BUT I am in the place of really looking at the mirror and trying to see what the construction not only looks like BUT how can I fix it. This takes not only time but the reality of doing some things differently. Like letting someone at a kiosk in the mall actually put a new skin care item on your face. Not because you want them to …. But to have the experience. Who knows it may help you see that even a stranger knows that you are not "Really" taking the time to do for your self what needs to be done to be a change aid. Hmmmmm what change aids could you be doing that may assist the process to make you feel good or better about what lies ahead…I know that I now have a few more on my list that I did not have after just a few min with a stranger who had black dirt uner their nails and were so nicely smuding a crem under my eye that had a hair in it from one of the many customers they had derviced that day. But as I walked away….I knew that the point was about me and not all the mishaps of the moment. The point was that whe a strander can see the dark spot under your eyes that YOU must make the changes and not them….Hence my words now bring me back to my immediate change a new job…But how if I am tired….How to new books being wrote….How….investment in me and then more me. So that what I am giving is Heartily as spoken in the book of collosians. Although the book and verse escape me just now. I shall take a moment and refect. Excuse me while I work on my inner walls.TA

  2. >And my ability to re-read and edit my own work before I hit send!

  3. >very useful read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you know that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.

  4. There are few words to adequately express how much I love this post.

  5. Reblogged this on and commented:

    How appropriate. As I become reacquainted with my blog and feel my way around… I came across this post from 2009. It is relevant to me, once again, and I hope it is worthy of a repost. I’d love to know your thoughts…

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