>Today, I am Thankful for:


  • My sweet sister-friend Valerie, who drove me to the airport at 5 am this morning… to keep me from paying long-term parking fees for the next 5 days. Now THAT’S Love :0)
  • liquid sunshine that came in a red, festive cup at the Nashville airport Starbucks. I was ridiculously excited to try the new Creme Brulee Latte… but unfortunately they were out of syrup. Whoa is me… I had to settle for a Pumpkin Spice latte. (such a hard life ;0)
  • a not-so-packed flight that allowed me to stretch out in comfort and sleep like a baby!
  • an oversleeping sister, Trina… who wasn’t there to pick me up when my flight landed 30 mins early. This gave me time to grab my bags, find a quiet space and just kick up my feet for a little bit before all of the busyness began.
  • a bright, smiley 4 year old, Tayo (my nephew)… beaming at me from the backseat… with that signature Dukes Family 1000 watt smile. Be still my heart :0)
  • the love of my Mommy… and the ability to embrace her for the first time since her surgery. Oh God, thank you for the chance to do that again… never, ever will I take a single hug for granted.
  • the joy that flows from my Daddy! When he enters the room, I can’t help but get excited. I always have and always will!
  • a sister who is the best delegator I know… and her commandeering of the kitchen to present a Thanksgiving meal fit for Royalty! After all, we are the DUKES family 😉
  • a wonderful after dinner walk and talk with my big brother, Hines… and then a quick trip to the playground with my favorite 4 year old, Tayo!
  • wonderful time spent with one of our greatest family-friends, Vanessa… there’s always great laughter and reflection when we get together. You’ve just gotta love those relationships that have lasted for over 25 years. Wow!
  • sweet phone calls from my bestie, emails and countless texts from friends and loved ones all over the globe
  • the assurance that we are not alone in this world… and that God’s love through many abundantly overflows. My heart is refreshed by togetherness and celebration. I am soo Thankful for all of You.

With a satisfied heart,



2 Comments to “>Today, I am Thankful for:”

  1. >Sounds like the perfect day friend. Enjoy every moment. Love you.

  2. >Thanks, Chelle! It's been a wonderful time. I hope you're enjoying your fam too :0)

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