>Making room for promises…

>What a wonderful weekend it’s been…
I feel more rested then I have in weeks and a new sense of hope is swirling within me.
Hope for what? Well, I am not exactly sure… I am just peaceful in places that have not felt serene for quite some time.

Thank God.

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As I turn the planner pages to reveal a new week and the official beginning of business in March, I am sensing something new. Maybe it’s the promise of Spring… as Life is working it’s way through the soil and roots are going deeper to prepare a life source for the colorful blooms we will soon enjoy in nature.
Winter’s chill and apparent dormancy was only a grand stage curtain, covering the busyness of new life’s preparation. Something glorious is about to appear.

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That’s it… I remember now. It’s promises from long ago… even those that became too hard to believe. The ones that hurt sometimes to remember. They are pushing through the soil… and being made ready for their appearance.

As you and I make our plans for the week… and even this month, I extend to you a joyful challenge. Will you join me, in making room for your heart’s desires?
Will you clear away time to do that thing you long for… or to be with the one(s) you’ve been waiting on?
I believe it will be worth it.

Enjoy this day… knowing that something beautiful is coming :0)

Oh God… how precious it is to ponder Your Faithfulness and to remember back on times when You’ve come through. Spring is on the horizon, and in my heart… I feel that it brings with it some long standing desires that have been unfulfilled until now. Receive my thanks in advance… as my heart swells with great joy just thinking about how good You are.
Lord, for all of us, who are in the waiting, for those secret things that You whispered so long ago… may you grant us peace and endow us with a patience that we can no longer conjure up on our own. It is only by Your Spirit that we can wait with joy.
Show us how, to make room for You… and the fulness that You long to bring with Your presence.
With Love and great Gratitude… in the Name of Jesus!
Amen 🙂

Have a beautiful day,


One Comment to “>Making room for promises…”

  1. >I’m all giddy reading what you have written. Whooppee! Love you 🙂

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