>Ponder with me, will ya?

>Just another quickie post this morning…

I have been thinking alot lately of how we are affected by others. The way they treat us… whether they accept us or not… it really has a huge impact on our well being. And it should to some extent… but I am wondering just how much.

There is nothing like the feeling of a great new friend… you know… they get alllll excited to see you, pick your calls up within the first two rings, answer your texts almost immediately and invite you to just about everything. They are so careful to make you feel welcome, compliment you often and tread lightly in conversations to be sure not to offend you in any way. It’s an interesting thing.
But somehow, as familiarity sets in… those beginning acts of respect and adoration will wane.
Oh don’t worry… I am talking mostly to myself and asking these questions to my own heart.

Why is it we offer so much in the beginning and then fizzle out so soon after?

And then it’s on to the next new person, who is just the best thing in the world… until they do or say something we don’t like… or that spoils the fantasy of “perfect fit”?

Is it our assumptions?
Maybe our expectations?
Or the thrill of the chase?
Possibly the discomfort of too much of our own brokeness being revealed?

Tell me… what do you think?


3 Comments to “>Ponder with me, will ya?”

  1. >I think we just need to learn to love each other a little better…and with more consistency!

  2. >Tray Baby! Very interesting… On the way to church this past sunday…I was thinking about, How we all treat each other…not just as brother and sister’s in Christ…but EVERYONE? Is it with condition? With competition? With conptempt? How do WE LOVE? God made us to be people…lovers, because…He is! We need to re assess how we view others through HIS eyes and thoughts and not of our own limited views…:) ReneeLove YOU!Renee

  3. >Hmmmm… this is interesting. I know I’ve found myself in this same set of circumstances over and over again. I believe you get out of any friendship exactly what you put in… or invest in… it. On another note, I have been praying for you a lot lately. I know that I only met you for that week in Colorado is it 2 or 3 years ago now?? But I want you to know that I have a feeling our paths are not done crossing… I have felt in my spirit that for a while that we weren’t done with each other! And I don’t mean on a blog, either! So be blessed today my friend. And know that you got a little soccer momma praying for you today! 🙂

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