>Unconscious Mutterings

>Thought this was fun… so why not.
You can playing along too at Unconscious Mutterings .

  1. Goodbye :: Not another one 😦
  2. Cage :: Bird singing
  3. Buddy :: Be my friend
  4. Magic words :: Open sesame
  5. Library :: stillness… peace
  6. Fall in love :: I want to
  7. Tense :: How I’ve felt lately
  8. Work! :: Overwhelming
  9. Empty :: sometimes a good thing
  10. Heat wave :: We’re having a heat wave…. a tropical heat wave :0) That song comes to mind

One Comment to “>Unconscious Mutterings”

  1. >I didn’t see your ‘mutterings’ last weekend, but noticed them today … so I thought I’d add my two cents since I participate in this weekly meme too at Small Reflections. I love your answer to #10. I often think in song lyrics too ;–)Hugs and blessings,

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