>Smiley Saturday…


Happy Saturday All!

Upon my quest to be a better blogger (say that 7 times… haha), I have come to enjoy memes.

What is a meme, you ask? Well, for a longer explaination, you can visit TheDailyMeme. But from what I’ve seen they are one of two things:

* A weekly question, list of questions or request that an author will post to their blog. Others will read it, copy and past the questions to their own blog and link back to the original authors blog so that others can read their answer too.* Or the 2nd way I have seen them used is that an auther will answer a list of questions on their blog and then TAG others by going to their blog and leaving them a comment that they have been tagged to participate.

So, if you’re like me… a ponderer… things like this are fun cause I like to give my opinion very much! Haha! And I also like to know what you’re thinking too.

Today, I found this cute meme… Smiley Saturday on Lightening Online, and the objective is to post about something that makes you smile! Of course… smiling is one of my favorite things to do… so I snatched this one up quickly.

One of the little someone’s who makes me smile the most is my very silly and fun nephew, Tayo. He is just dang adorable. So I thought I’d share his pic… which will probably do the trick with making you smile.

Happy Saturday Everybody… Hope you’re smiling :0)



6 Comments to “>Smiley Saturday…”

  1. >You’re right, he made me smile 🙂 They can be so cute at that age. Mine are really only cute now when they’re asleep. ( If they new I looked and thought they were cute they’d die of embarrassment.)Eve

  2. >Awww he is adorable. You just have to smile back at that fantastic smile.

  3. >What lovely flowers in your header! I need to do something with mine for sure one of these days. I’ve found myself participating in ‘weekly memes’ to give me ‘focus’ in recent weeks as well. Not only do they help me ‘focus’ when I’m ‘distracted’ … but I meet interesting new bloggers too and that’s always fun. Your nephew is a QT indeed, and seeing his smile does make me smile too ;–)Hugs and blessings,

  4. >Aw, he IS so cutie cutie.How could you say no to a face like that??

  5. >Your nephew is so cute and the picture did make me smile. I have a Tayo also, a godson.In answer to your question, my niece name is pronounced Sha-kara although it’s spelt with a ch.:)

  6. >goodness me the very picture of cuteness how could I not smile.Adorable beyond measure.I do a few different memes too – have you seen Flickr Friday -its fun too.

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