>He’s Home…so it’s ok.

>My heart… what a wild place.
Just sitting here thinking how cool it is to know that Jesus chose it for His place to dwell within me.
He’s so amazing… to pick the most chaotic residence possible.
The very thought, makes me a little more quiet, peaceful, and well… still.

I’ve been fidgety today. Not so much outwardly, but on the inside.
Yes, from Glory to Glory I go… one moment in the heights… and at another looking up from the valley. I’m not in either of those places today… and I feel something coming. Something I dare to call wonderful… yet the unknown of it is a bit unsettling.

Am I ready for another major change?
I don’t know.
Can I even worry with the wonder? Well, yes… but the better question is… will it really do me any good.

So I sit with my questioning heart tonight… and remind myself that He has made His home in me…

Maybe your a little fidgety tonight too?
If so… then I hope you might settle into that thought for a little while…
He’s Home… so it’s ok.

Peace to you, my friend.

P.S. Jesus, I tried to just end this without speaking to you publicly… but somehow it all seemed too unfinished. You see, more than just talking about You… I just love to talk TO You… so much! And I wanted to say something to You for everyone to hear. I really love you… I mean… REALLY REALLY love You!
Just the mention of your name and I am blown away.
At the thought of Your presence being so near, I am moved to tears.
You overwhelm me… in the most indescribable ways.
I never want another to take Your place in my heart… so I don’t know what that fully means to You and the plan You have for my life… but I know it means to me… that I’m very happy with our home… just the way it is. Nevertheless, You know best and I completely trust You to make the best decision. Thank You… for just letting me lay my head on Your heart… and be soothed while I wait. Maybe You’ll speak… or maybe we’ll just remain in quietness together.
That’s ok.
I’m ok… cause You… are…home.


2 Comments to “>He’s Home…so it’s ok.”

  1. >Love the new blog look, love this post, and certainly love you! Beautiful post, and what a wonderful place to be at right now. Enjoy the journey, wherever it leads. Love you sweet friend 🙂

  2. >Aw… thanks, Chelle! You must know that YOUR gorgeous site was my inspiration for “sprucing things up” a bit :0)Thanks for your sweetness… so glad we share this love of words!Love you friend,Tray

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