>Stormy Weather…


It’s been pretty crazy here in Nashville.
Temperatures have been mixed up and the atmosphere is just mad about it!

Turbulence. Unrest. Disquiet.
All of the things that are happening in nature… and I see it in my heart as well.

God is shaking us.
He is stirring us from our slumberous lives… walking around not fully awake… not hearing His sound or seeing the signs.

Solomon already told us that our quests here are all in vain, yet we continue to gorge ourselves on what is void and empty… and we still want more.

Last night, I was a bit annoyed that my Tuesday night plans were interrupted. Living on my own personal island called “just me and what I want to do”… I don’t have to surrender to someone else’s ideas unless I choose to. And I find that the older I get, the harder it is to allow someone else to make decisions for me.
Well, when Biggest Loser was pre-empted for news broadcasting about Tornado warnings, I was upset. My mind muttered something about how they should just have a special channel for this kind of stuff.
And then, the conditions outside caused me to lose wireless internet connection. Now I was super-mad! This is ridiculous!
Now, I not only can’t get my weekly fix of weight loss motivation… I can’t put my Avon orders together either cause I CAN’T GET ONLINE… MY LIFE IS OVER …. AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGHHH!

So I pouted for a few seconds and flailing myself down on the couch, I finally became still.
It was then that I heard the reporter speaking with great concern in his voice.
All around the area, people were being devastated… losing their homes and their lives.
Oh my gosh.

Sleeping Beauty (Brat in this case), was awakened from her self made slumber.
Oh, God… it’s not about me.
It’s not about my wants and my plans.

All of a sudden, my tiny little island became connected to the world again.

And in those quiet hours, He was able to speak to my heart and restore my peace… all in the midst of the storm.

To The One Who says “Peace Be Still”, and the winds obey… I say thank you.
Once again, You answered the cries of my broken soul… even when I did not know the words to speak.
You amaze me with your overwhelming Love and the power that you have to stay any storm… whether it is physical or emotional.
You are The Healer… You are in control.
Father, be with those who have been ravished by storms outside. And God, please draw so close to those who feel as though their mental and emotional ships have been capsized.
You are in our boats with us.
And we can rest… in the midst of the Storms… because You are.

With great gratitude and an awakened heart… i love you.


One Comment to “>Stormy Weather…”

  1. >Amen girl. Another beautifully written, and wonderfully honest, post. LOVE IT!I was sad about the Biggest Loser too, but storms like the ones last night scare me too much for me to not want to watch the weather.

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