>Laying down my cape…

>So I don’t really feel very prolific these days… just a jumbled mess of a girl who often feels she wants to stop the world and get off.
Been feelin’ alot like that lately… and so that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

It’s amazing to me, how taking time for yourself affects the people around you. We can all be so self-absorbed (insert self in that statement first). When someone pulls away from us, the very first thing we often think is “what did I do wrong… or what is it about me that’s so bad”.
Maybe, just maybe, that person has some stuff to work out for THEMSELVES!!!

Okay, I’m ranting…
And that’s were I’ve been lately… so I’ve tried to save you from having to endure it… endure me.

I’m learning that about myself… that I’m always trying to save someone from something… or someone.
Um… not my job!
So why is it such a passion?
It’s not always because I care… well, not so much.
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It’s just more of a role that I acquired a long time ago… that seemed to work for me. You know, grant me some favor… make me a little more “necessary” in important people’s lives.

But did God ever ask me to be anyone’s Superhero?
(blink… blink… sound of crickets)
I’ll take that as a NO!

I’m laying down my cape.

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Hey Superman…
I realllly need you today.
My attitude is just not the best and I’m not doing so well with seeing what you see.
This is definitely a day for some much needed rescue.

Today, I choose to take my cape off and lay it down at your feet. I give up… this saving the world business is much too much for me.
Will you still let me just be your sidekick?
I think I’d like that…

I don’t need much… just Your hand to hold and Your presence, so that I don’t feel quite so alone.
Will you speak up for me, when I just don’t know what to say? You know, give me the answers when my feeble mind fails?

Can I rest in You, even as I work?
I really need to.
I love you.


2 Comments to “>Laying down my cape…”

  1. >Amen! I so love this blog entry. Truly, it’s one of my all time favorites now! I must link to it in my blog…if I get around to writing today. Love you, and that is one good word!

  2. >I decided to visit some of the blogs on the Laced With Grace blogroll today. I enjoyed reading your posts.God bless

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