>There’s so much going on.
Today, my head spins with thoughts about just everything.
Are you like me… always thinking about a million things, all at one time?
Sometimes I laugh when someone says… “You’re so calm” or “You’re just so quiet”. Whew, if they only knew the clattering clutter in my brain.

Welp, that’s just who I am… a thinker.
Constantly pondering things, questioning and wondering.

This year is moving so fast.
January has brought more new things, friends and adventures. It’s fun to learn how to let go of all the Shoulds and Have to’s… and realize that I DON’T really have to do any of that.
Yep… I’m a rebel.
And I’m okay with that.

So what do you blog about on a day that you’ve decided to share your thoughts on paper… but the million and one in your head are all fighting for the Headline?

I think for today, I’ll just suffice it to stop in and say hi… let you know that I’m thinking about you… amongst the many other things.

Oh, I know… I’ll share with you a song that seems to stay on the Jukebox of My Mind alot lately.
Ever since the New Year’s Eve show that she sang on… I’ve been pretty smitten with Natasha Bedingfield’s music. There’s just something about her voice that I really connect with. I remember how much I liked her song “Unwritten” a couple years back.
Now, I’m totally intrigued by “Love like this”.
The original radio version is my fav… but I was jamming out today and came across this really cool acoustic version that totally rocked me.

Enjoy… my 2nd favorite song right now:


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  1. >Hello! The blog world has missed you. Cluttered brain or not, I always love reading what you have written! Love you!

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