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December 4, 2007


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It’s that time of year again… I love it! The grumpiest of people, suddenly come alive… and instead of a scowl, they dawn a bright, shiny smirk!

Even the harshest of smiles is beautiful…. at Christmas time! LOL!

Wow, what a morning. I want to take off of work and smather my house with white lights and red bows… the smell of hot cocoa and cranberry candles aglow. (Sorry about the random rhyming… I just can’t help it sometimes).

What a wonderful way to finish this year…. with great joy and happy, happy times!

I think my favorite saying is “Let’s be festive together”!!!

And THAT is what I want for Christmas… my every joy enclosed within that request. To share joy and laughter with those that I love… is the greatest gift to my heart.

I am reminded in this moment of all the beautiful things about this life. News of sweet bundles of joy, wrapped in swaddling clothes… (well little London is probably in Baby Gap… so excuse my creative interpretations)… and my other little one… Baby D… so affectionately named “Kid” by mommy and daddy… is still baking! But Auntie Tracye is already excited for you too. She’s been asking for you to come for a looooong time… with visions of playing at the park, then heading for ice cream… dancing in her head!!!

I’m just so excited.

Children are such a joy… oh yes, and remember that sweet little nephew of mine that stole my heart and won’t let go… Here he is at 2 years old!

Sooo silly… and so much fun!!!
Christmas reminds us to be child-like… and well festive!!!

Have a great day :0)

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