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October 27, 2007

>Tyler Perry’s "Why did I get married"

>Tyler Perry’s new movie Whydidigetmarried is AWESOME… an absolute must see!

I saw it for the first time last night… and have plans to go back again really soon.

If you have ever been in a relationship, period… this movie will speak to you on every level.

One of the most powerful messages that this movie addresses is the idea of 80/20.
I believe that this principle came from T.D. Jakes, who was the first person I heard it from… however, he could have been passing on someone else’s revelation as well.
Nevertheless, it is amazing.

80/20 is a concept that goes like this….
You will only receive about 80% of what you want and need from the main relationship in your life. For alot of people this is marriage, or a significant other.
What happens, is that we place so much importance on that 20% that is missing… that when someone comes along who has it… we leave the one we’re with to be with what seems better.

The problem is… that we have left the 80%… for only 20%!!!
Isn’t it amazing.

I have seen this principle alive in my own life in so many ways….
and I personally believe that it is not only in relationships… but with careers, peer groups, churches and many other areas.
How many times have I made a change… thinking…. Oh my gosh, this is it… this is what I’ve always wanted. FINALLY! THANK YOU JESUS!!!
Only to find… a month, two months into it…. ummmm this isn’t really as great as I thought it was going to be.
Ah man… he’s just not as amazing as I first thought…
oh no… this person really has some serious “issues”… hahah.
And the worst part of all…. I think I’m really missing what I already had.

What was I thinking?

Yep… been there, done that…. seems a million times.

Anyway… I just wanted to share a little about that movie… cause it’s really amazing. And that principle is so powerful too.


Thank you that you are not 20% or even 80%… you are the full 100% and beyond!
You continue to blow my mind and it’s limitation… and make me aware that I have YOUR mind and YOUR thoughts.
I’m so glad that no matter what state we all find ourselves in… we can find contentment in you.
We can stop looking for anyone else to be what we think we want and need… and simply enjoy each person for the goodness that they do bring.
Thanks for Tyler Perry… and his brilliant mind. You’ve done marvelous things through him… and I pray that he will continue to give you the glory!
This day is perfect. And I look forward to seeing more of you than I saw yesterday.
It’s exciting to walk through each moment… experiencing what You choose.
Help me to be the best 80% I can be to all of the people in my life. I know that you and all others will be what I can not… and I find peace in not having to be anymore than I’ve come to understand right now.
You are big enough :0)

Love you…

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