>Addio Pavarotti…


Today, the world said farewell to one of music’s most majestic offerings… the unique and dazzling voice of Luciano Pavarotti!
What a shock it was to sit down this morning, begin my daily rituals at my desk and find there on the front page of MSN, that The Voice of Opera, had finished his journey.

Having spent 5 years of my life studying the vocal athletics we call “Opera”, Pavarotti was in many ways, like a distant mentor. A “natural”, is what he was called. Very few performers can exhibit such tremendous ability in a way that seems almost effortless! He did!
And my life was impacted by his example.

So tonight, Lord… I give you thanks for your son. The Pavarotti!
The name sounds so big, so huge to a world who set him in high places. He was adored and honored. Yet, I know that it was YOUR VOICE that sung through Him… and YOUR ABILITIES that were put on display.
Bravo, Daddy! You did an awesome job, through Him.
Thank you that He is resting from his labor. Now bring comfort to his family, loved ones, friends and admirers that he leaves to continue their journey to You. Hold them close and soothe them with Your Love.
I praise You for a life that resounded with Your Greatness!
Thank you… for it’s permanent imprints upon my life.
I will cherish what you’ve done, forever.
With a greatful heart… amen,

tracye lynn


One Comment to “>Addio Pavarotti…”

  1. >No doubt, that man was amazing at what he did!Love you girl, praying you are surrounded by all things beautiful today!

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