>My first Meme

>Allllright… so getting back to the blogging thing after a year is an educational thing. Reading through so many different pages and being a part of webrings is totally enlightening.
I’m learning about these little things called “memes”! How fun!
And since I changed the address of my blog and no one can really find me yet, I’m going to grab one of these off of someone else’s page and just get one of these rolling in my own little world.
So here goes!

A Big Long MeMe

Ever thought of just picking up and moving far away? ugh yes… I do often. This has actually been something I’ve done more than once in my life… and I’ve never regretted… although I came high-tailin’ it back from D.C. when I left Nashville for a couple of months. Each experience has been life-changing and very rewarding. No… I don’t really want to leave Nashville anytime soon… but I am hearing some whispers of what the next possible move might be :0)

What’s the wallpaper on your computer? – it is a really cool photo that gives the appearance of you being inside a car and it’s raining. The window that you are looking out of is covered in condensation and so you take your finger and draw a single cross on it. Pretty neat!

What is the last thing/person you took a picture of? – my neice and my nephews playing together at my sis’ in Atlanta!

What was the most difficult decision you’ve ever had to make? – To truly let go of and honestly forgive the most amazing person who ever vanished from my life.

Name a band/artist you like that isn’t popular. Well living in Nashville and knowing so many amazing Indie artists… there are sooo many. Shariff Iman, Christa Black, Chris McClarney to name a few…

Can you lift your significant other? – nope… Jesus is my only s.o. and He bares the weight of the world on His shoulder. So we’ve come to the conclusion that HE’LL do all the heavy lifting!!

What is the first vehicle you recall your parents owning? – a navy blue station wagon with the wood on the side!!! hollering laughing!

You only have $5 for the whole week; What do you buy with it? – I don’t do “broke” very well… I’d probably waste it on a Starbucks coffee and then charge everything for the rest of the week… it aint pretty but that’s the truth, kids!

What was the worst job you ever had? – I’ve had so many since I moved to Nashville… probably the one where my boss played favorites with 2 people in my dept and treated me and another girl like we had uni-brows and bad breath every day for 21/2 years of my life!!! Thank God for deliverance!!!

Have you ever seen counterfeit money? – I hope not!!!

Have you ever lost a pet you were attached to? – Yes, when I was in the 8th grade… our cat, Max ate a poisonous toad and didn’t make it… I thought I would surely die. It was the most pitiful day… I think I cried all day at school.

You’re at an amusement park; What ride do you want to go on first? – the one we’ve all been talking about the whole trip there!

You can read minds; Whose mind do you snoop around in first? – ohhhh that’s not a good question for me to answer out loud right now ;0)

What was the most rebellious thing you’ve ever done? – risk my life and mouth off to my mother!

Do you ever talk to inanimate objects? – Yeah, but I could have swore that somethin’ tried to answer me the other day… so I think I’m gonna kick that habit :0)

Pick one; Laundry, Dishes, Vacuuming. – are you kidding me… D – NONE OF THE ABOVE!!!!

Have you ever had to change schools while growing up? – Yes. military brat. it all worked out just fine.

You are forced to go out of state; Where do you go? – Dallas…. Portland… or somewhere in California maybe. I’m cool with traveling.

Name the most meaningful thing a non-relative has done for you. – I have been blessed to walk through 4 dream years with a person who blessed me, blessed me and then pulled out all the stops and blessed me some more. I have more meaningful things that I can tell about in those times then many will have in their entire lifetimes. I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I am one blessed chick!

The highway or back roads take you to the same place; Choose your route. – Depends on how I’m feeling that day… and who I’m with :0)

You’re going to be a mom/dad. What do you think/do? – Um… Jesus… you’ve got some explainin’ to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you more likely to give up or persist when you’re having trouble? – persist… i’m too stubborn to just give up anymore.

What’s the most challenging thing you’ve ever over come? – Absolute embarrassment, shame and heartbreak rolled into one incident!

Your best friend needs a kidney to survive; Do you give them one of yours? – I would have.

Your brother breaks into your house; Do you press charges? – I really don’t know. It would depend on how responsive he was to me when we talked about his reasons why, I suppose? Not sure!

Name a big life event that has taken place for you within the last two years. – Job changes, moves, loss of a deep friendship, became an Auntie again…

Do you end up regretting things you say often? – no… I very rarely regret saying anything because I really do MEAN it… even if it’s a hard Truth for someone to swallow. I often hurt because people don’t like to deal with Truth… and that causes some strains in relationship. But I’m okay with it.

Would you rather have a huge cat or a tiny dog? – huge cat!

Pringles or Lay’s Stax? – not a big chip person.

Name one difficult lesson you’ve learned. – Boundaries in relationships are very important.

Name one thing you look forward to in old age. – Greater wisdom and the opportunity to share it with the younger generations.

Do you use your hands when you talk to emphasize what you are saying? – OMG yes…ha!

You own a huge business; What is it? – A center designed and focused on inner healing.

Are you afraid to ask for help when you know that you need it? – sometimes… yes, this is one of my weak points.

Should adoptive kids be allowed to find their birth parents if they want to? – yes. I desire to adopt children… and although I want them to know me as Mom… I also want them to be aware that someone else actually gave them life and that they have the right to want to know them and pursue relationship with them if they choose. I think it would be a double blessing to know that someone CHOSE to love you… just like Jesus did.

Name somebody you think died before their time. – My friend Sue from college who unfortunately committed suicide. I don’t think I will ever forget her.

A friend is (rightly) suspected in a crime; Do you provide an alibi? – Only if it’s true!

Name the possession you’ve had the longest. – don’t know. not a big heirloom person.

You’re writing a novel; Is it horror, mystery, romance, etc. – chick lit.

You have a deep dark secret; Do you tell anyone? – of course… I don’t really have secrets.

Will you usually admit it when you’ve made a mistake? – absolutely. it’s not the end of the world. I mess up all the time… in some way or another… and I never expected that I wouldn’t. So what’s the big deal?

A friend of yours has a drug addiction; Do you tell someone? – been there done that. only told the people they wanted to know.

Well this was long but interesting to even see how I would answer them myself.

I think I’ll tag Michelle at “From His Heart To Mine” and Lindsey at “Lindsey Barrows”.
Come on ladies and have some fun!


One Comment to “>My first Meme”

  1. >you are evil…but I went ahead and did it because I love you that much! HAHAHAHA!

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