>As for me and my house…


I am finding out more and more, just what it means to be a good leader, each day.
Why the Lord picked me, well…. Bless HIS heart.. hahha!
I’m flattered.
I’m flustered.
And I’m learning how to relax into the role.

  • I’ve joined the Christian Women’s webring… and last night as I sat randomly roaming through the pages… my heart was pricked by all of the Mommy blogs. To my dismay, once again… my subconcious roving for a Single Woman, loving her God and doing it all…my mentor I’m missing out on…. was still no where to be found. Sighs.

  • I’m not a mommy.
    not a wife.
    it’s just me and my amazing God!
    and sometimes i still wonder… is that okay?
    most days… well, honestly… I still don’t know for sure.
    i know what i tell myself
    i know what God says in His word.
    what society says,
    ….the Church.
    I’m finding that my roles in this single life are quite interesting. And just this year, the Lord has really begun to draw me out into deeper waters with younger people. Though I’ve always been a leader at School, in Church and different organizations… I never knew how challenging it would be to take on that title in my own home.
    My roommate is a beautiful, bubbly, excited 21 year old. Everything in life makes her coo and thrill. She’s amazing to experience life with. She’s thirsty for relationship… with people and with God. Her heart is longing to be led, taught, shaped and groomed.
    It is an honor beyond any I’ve ever known to be an example, a light… a role model.
    I also have been “adopted” by a very rambunctious 12 year old, who brings me to my knees before the throne… with the deepest, most heart-wrenching questions. She demands that I seek the Lord… in order to teach her how… and lead her in the right way.
    I’m amazed, God.
    That you would do this now… that you would entrust me with such precious gifts… so fragile and so impressionable.
    Some days, I go to bed saying… “Wow, God… we really did a pretty good job today” and other days, I wake up full of silly fears that today will be the day that I really blow it in our lives.
    And so this morning… I’m climbing up in Daddy’s arms… and I’ve decided I’m not coming down all day. That’s where I choose to work from, live from… and love and lead my little household from.
    I also realize now… that I have alot in common with my potentially new friends… the Mommies of the webring. They own the role of leader every day. So I’m excited to meet you all… and to live learn and grow together.
    Have a beautiful day…
    let’s pray,
    I really really need you today.
    The enemy would like for me to start this morning, feeling inadequate and pondering my incapabilities… but Father, I know that your thoughts toward me, are ones of power, love and a sound mind. It’s not about me… period. It is all about YOUR abilities and everything that YOU choose to do in and through me today and always.
    So like a little child… I will lead from your lap.
    Pick me up, Daddy… so that I can see the way you do.
    I trust you, fully… openly… passionately.
    And nothing is gonna happen in this day, that you haven’t planned for.
    Thank you for letting me rest.
    I love you…Amen,
    Tracye lynn

    6 Comments to “>As for me and my house…”

    1. >You are back, you are back! Hooray! I have so missed reading your writings girl. Praise the Lord, she is back!!!

    2. >Aw! Thanks, Chelle. I must say that it feels really good to finally feel creativity flowing through my veins again. God is good… and I’m looking forward to all He wants to do and say through this girl-made-new-again.love you,tray

    3. >Thanks for stopping by and saying hello over at my place. I heard a great radio show once by Revive Our Hearts regarding being single. You may want to check out some resources that they have there. It’s a great website.

    4. >Hi Danielle! Thanks for dropping by… and for the great website suggestion. Great Resource!

    5. >Hello and what a great post! I’m single, never married, and totally understand where you’re coming from in that respect.God has special plans for and I girlfriend. The hard part is waiting for Him to show us exactly what it is. But it looks like He’s using you in great ways. Be encouraged! If God has someone for you… you’ll find each other in the right time. I have several links to good ” single living” sites. But one site I highly recommend is ” Purposeful Singleness.” Go visit http://www.singleness.org/.

    6. >Hi there Sincerity!Thanks for taking the time to say hi.You know… I totally agree with you… our lives are truly blessed and God is doing great things. Singleness is definitely not a curse… just as much as marriage is not the ultimate blessing.I’d like to know some more of those single living resources. Purposeful singleness was a blessing to me in my early 20’s… I haven’t visited that site in a while. Thanks for the reminder!!!Bless u,tray

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