>Monday… Fun Day!

>So today was a non-typical Monday. It was actually pretty enjoyable…

It began in our very typical Monday morning staff meeting… that was quite entertaining and enjoyable. Our President relayed a great message that she heard from a well-known lady coach in the area… inspirational stuff. Of the five or so key points that she mentioned, the one that stood out the most was about taking responsibility. She didn’t mean just for the bad stuff that happens… but also for the good things that happen.
Hmmm… take responsibility for the good things?
That’s a fresh concept.
So I thought about that throughout the day… and am still letting it linger now.

We had a new person start working in our department today… very docile and kind. I believe she is a true blessing. She, too, is a musician… which excites me!
The team took her to a mexican fiesta of a lunch at Mazatlan’s… one of my bosses’ and my own personal favorites! Fun times… good conversation and a great way to keep a fairly “heavy” day a little lighter than usual.

After lunch, my new friend shadowed me for the rest of the work day. It was awesome for me because I love to teach so much. Before I knew it… the time had flown by and we were clocking out for the day! Wow!

I was pretty crabby, cranky and down right hard-to-get-along with this past weekend… so I thought I’d make tonight a fun night for my friends and myself. A not-so-quick saunter through Tar-jay scored my roomie and I some dinner and a new board game.

Did you know that Monopoly now has a version that no longer has paper money but DEBIT CARDS for monetary exchange! OMG!!!
We all had the GREATEST time tonight playing the coolest game I’ve seen in awhile!!!
The banker role, is now my most favorite, as you insert debit cards and make transactions between players.
All of the game pieces are different now… of course I just HAD to be the box of Altoids!!! Too fun! And I was bittersweetly excited to see that our Grand Ol’ Opry made the game… woohoo. But sadly, it was on the first street out from “GO”… you know… the property that you always deem “low income housing”! The ones that you can put like hotels on and people still only have to pay you $150 dollars… lol! Oh well.
What a great game though… I completely recommend it!

So there… my President would be proud of me tonight… for taking responsibility for bringing home something fun and new that made my friends smile and forget about the stressful days that they had. For me, it was kinda like a “pay it forward” for the amazing day that God gave me.

I hope your day was surprisingly pleasant too. And if not… there’s always tomorrow…
just remember to take responsibility and do your best to MAKE it a great day!

love and blessings,


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