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August 31, 2007

>Happy Happy!!!

>It’s Friday…
oh how I love this day… especially at work. There’s such great anticipation of leaving the chains of the Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket and finding whatever freedom and fun that may come.

Maybe we’ll do the Image and video hosting by TinyPic or hang out at a Image and video hosting by TinyPic.

With the wonderfully long weeekend… I’m sure we’ll probably get into that and much more!
Hope you have a great day!!!
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August 29, 2007

>Bring on the rain!

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This picture so perfectly represents how I feel this morning.
We have rain… actually thunderstorms in our forecast today… and I am very excited about it. Here in Nashville, we desperately need rain… and here in my heart, I do too.

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I pray that today will be a day that we don’t look at a downpour and worry about our hair, or the traffic flow interruptions. But, may we rejoice and be thankful that we are graciously given what is NEEDED!

In the natural… we can be thankful that the dry, thirsty ground and the precious trees are receiving the water it has longed for…
And in our hearts, Lord, will you come and bring a flood of living water, that refreshes and restores us back to a peaceful place in You!

We need your rain, Lord.
Even when we don’t know why we feel the way we do… it’s so simply You that we’re desperate for…

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Come rain on us today. You are welcome. We love you…
In Jesus’ Name. Amen!

August 24, 2007



Last night, I was absolutely blessed to experience brand new music from one of my favorite groups, Shane and Shane. A new friend and I spent the evening enjoying the 2nd night of their brand new “Pages” Tour, here in Nashville.
It was wonderful to say the least… and I was on the edge of my seat, hanging on to every word, every nuance of sound… every heavily aspirated H that Shane Barnard released… every resounding, powerhouse belt from Shane Everett. I am simply taken aback by their music… by the intensity of their passionate harmonies that seem to come from the tip of their toes and the bottom of their hearts.

You probably have those artists in your life that always seem to speak directly to you… well the Shane’s are definitely on my top 5 list of “Revelators”. I can always count on them to bring a fresh perspective to an old concept, or a brand new stream of thought that causes me to ponder for days, weeks and well even years…

I was pleasantly surprised to find a video of one of my favorite songs called “Holiday”. Smiling.
Last night as I heard this song… it made me think of a sweet friend from my past… We would write back and forth to one another allll day long every day. One of the sweetest parts of our relationships was the constant love notes from a friend that we would exchange each day. They were so encouraging and inspiring.
I’ll never forget the day that I wrote a little poem telling my sweet friend how fortunate I felt to have them in my life in this way.
My little words went something like this:

“You’re like a vacation in the middle of my work day…
an oasis of joy in a desert of demands.
You’re like flowers by surprise… and impromptu lunch plans…
my sweet friend… i love having you by my side… no matter where I am.”

something like that….

Gosh… the memories.

Well, this song reminded me of those thoughts… and that season of friendship.
It was a type and shadow of an even greater relationship.

I’m so greatful for that friend… and those times… and I’m even more in awe of this beautiful affair that I’ve had with Jesus for so many years.
He truly is all of those things to me and even more…. now and forever.
Take a look at the video… and enjoy this awesome song!

I hope you find yourself feeling this way about Him too!

Bless you,

Sweet, sweet Jesus. I am just so overwhelmed by Who You are. You never cease to amaze me with Your love… and the way that you allow Your children to express what we’re feeling about you.

Thank you so much for my brothers, Shane and Shane… and for the way they are so willing to put their love for you on display for all the world to see. You are so worth it!

Thank you for all of the revelations that I received last night in that concert… I could share for a week about the passion for you that was stirred… but tonight…. I just want to stop and think about how you have been my “Favorite Part Of Me” for so long… What a wonderful thing to think on. You truly ARE my Holiday! I love you sooooo much, Jesus.
You are the best friend I could ever have… and I’m absolutely smitten by You!
Tonight… I just wanna celebrate You.
in Jesus Name… amen.


August 22, 2007

>As for me and my house…


I am finding out more and more, just what it means to be a good leader, each day.
Why the Lord picked me, well…. Bless HIS heart.. hahha!
I’m flattered.
I’m flustered.
And I’m learning how to relax into the role.

  • I’ve joined the Christian Women’s webring… and last night as I sat randomly roaming through the pages… my heart was pricked by all of the Mommy blogs. To my dismay, once again… my subconcious roving for a Single Woman, loving her God and doing it all…my mentor I’m missing out on…. was still no where to be found. Sighs.

  • I’m not a mommy.
    not a wife.
    it’s just me and my amazing God!
    and sometimes i still wonder… is that okay?
    most days… well, honestly… I still don’t know for sure.
    i know what i tell myself
    i know what God says in His word.
    what society says,
    ….the Church.
    I’m finding that my roles in this single life are quite interesting. And just this year, the Lord has really begun to draw me out into deeper waters with younger people. Though I’ve always been a leader at School, in Church and different organizations… I never knew how challenging it would be to take on that title in my own home.
    My roommate is a beautiful, bubbly, excited 21 year old. Everything in life makes her coo and thrill. She’s amazing to experience life with. She’s thirsty for relationship… with people and with God. Her heart is longing to be led, taught, shaped and groomed.
    It is an honor beyond any I’ve ever known to be an example, a light… a role model.
    I also have been “adopted” by a very rambunctious 12 year old, who brings me to my knees before the throne… with the deepest, most heart-wrenching questions. She demands that I seek the Lord… in order to teach her how… and lead her in the right way.
    I’m amazed, God.
    That you would do this now… that you would entrust me with such precious gifts… so fragile and so impressionable.
    Some days, I go to bed saying… “Wow, God… we really did a pretty good job today” and other days, I wake up full of silly fears that today will be the day that I really blow it in our lives.
    And so this morning… I’m climbing up in Daddy’s arms… and I’ve decided I’m not coming down all day. That’s where I choose to work from, live from… and love and lead my little household from.
    I also realize now… that I have alot in common with my potentially new friends… the Mommies of the webring. They own the role of leader every day. So I’m excited to meet you all… and to live learn and grow together.
    Have a beautiful day…
    let’s pray,
    I really really need you today.
    The enemy would like for me to start this morning, feeling inadequate and pondering my incapabilities… but Father, I know that your thoughts toward me, are ones of power, love and a sound mind. It’s not about me… period. It is all about YOUR abilities and everything that YOU choose to do in and through me today and always.
    So like a little child… I will lead from your lap.
    Pick me up, Daddy… so that I can see the way you do.
    I trust you, fully… openly… passionately.
    And nothing is gonna happen in this day, that you haven’t planned for.
    Thank you for letting me rest.
    I love you…Amen,
    Tracye lynn
    August 21, 2007

    >Monday… Fun Day!

    >So today was a non-typical Monday. It was actually pretty enjoyable…

    It began in our very typical Monday morning staff meeting… that was quite entertaining and enjoyable. Our President relayed a great message that she heard from a well-known lady coach in the area… inspirational stuff. Of the five or so key points that she mentioned, the one that stood out the most was about taking responsibility. She didn’t mean just for the bad stuff that happens… but also for the good things that happen.
    Hmmm… take responsibility for the good things?
    That’s a fresh concept.
    So I thought about that throughout the day… and am still letting it linger now.

    We had a new person start working in our department today… very docile and kind. I believe she is a true blessing. She, too, is a musician… which excites me!
    The team took her to a mexican fiesta of a lunch at Mazatlan’s… one of my bosses’ and my own personal favorites! Fun times… good conversation and a great way to keep a fairly “heavy” day a little lighter than usual.

    After lunch, my new friend shadowed me for the rest of the work day. It was awesome for me because I love to teach so much. Before I knew it… the time had flown by and we were clocking out for the day! Wow!

    I was pretty crabby, cranky and down right hard-to-get-along with this past weekend… so I thought I’d make tonight a fun night for my friends and myself. A not-so-quick saunter through Tar-jay scored my roomie and I some dinner and a new board game.

    Did you know that Monopoly now has a version that no longer has paper money but DEBIT CARDS for monetary exchange! OMG!!!
    We all had the GREATEST time tonight playing the coolest game I’ve seen in awhile!!!
    The banker role, is now my most favorite, as you insert debit cards and make transactions between players.
    All of the game pieces are different now… of course I just HAD to be the box of Altoids!!! Too fun! And I was bittersweetly excited to see that our Grand Ol’ Opry made the game… woohoo. But sadly, it was on the first street out from “GO”… you know… the property that you always deem “low income housing”! The ones that you can put like hotels on and people still only have to pay you $150 dollars… lol! Oh well.
    What a great game though… I completely recommend it!

    So there… my President would be proud of me tonight… for taking responsibility for bringing home something fun and new that made my friends smile and forget about the stressful days that they had. For me, it was kinda like a “pay it forward” for the amazing day that God gave me.

    I hope your day was surprisingly pleasant too. And if not… there’s always tomorrow…
    just remember to take responsibility and do your best to MAKE it a great day!

    love and blessings,

    August 20, 2007

    >A New Beginning…

    >Here I go again… starting over.
    It seems to be a theme for my life.

    So this time, instead of making all of the promises I never keep… I’ll just be excited about this post today. Okay…

    So life is still interesting as always… and I’m still the same, over-thinking, pondering, discussing, ready to share girl I’ve always been. And I’m finding out more and more… that it’s totally okay.

    Life’s sure changed ALOT since October of 2006. Goodness… that seems a million years ago.

    And you know what… instead of wasting time… and emotions on trying to bring you up to speed with all the changes… I’m just going to start from today… and in time, if you continue to read this… you’ll figure out what’s different for yourself :0)
    Sounds good to me.

    I’m watching “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”… and eating Chocolate ice cream from Baskin Robbins right now. It’s great therapy for the cranky, moody, girlyness I’m going through today.

    It feels funny to be this crabby because I’ve been so “on top of the world” for so long. But it all seemed to hit me on Friday… all the anger, hurt and well just so many unhappy feelings that I’ve been working on not feeling. smiling.

    I don’t like being sad… it’s really alot less fun than being silly or wild and crazy… you know?
    But I suppose that we get ourselves into trouble when we try to have all joy and no sorrow, huh? i’m learning.

    You know… somedays… I feel so grown up and ready to conquer it all. I feel able to be professional with my clients and a mentor to the young people in my life.
    Somedays I just feel soooo capable!

    not today.

    Today, I would like to be beside my mommy… watching black and white movies and eating popcorn or whatever else we decided we wanted. Just being together… talking some, being quiet some… and falling asleep here and there.

    that would be so nice.
    i really miss her, especially today.

    i miss a few things today… a few people.
    and u know what… some of them don’t miss me.
    some of them feel free now.
    now that i am out of their life.
    it’s surprising to know that i am that to someone.
    someone to get away from.


    really ouch.

    But the world doesn’t stop turning and life is still to be lived. And I plan to live it.

    I may be damaged… yes, deeply wounded right now. Still there is love. Still there is hope… and still God is amazing.

    i hope you’re having a happy day today.
    it hasn’t been for me… but hey, i suppose you can’t stay on a happy streak forever.

    at some point, you’ll run into an old mutual friend… and it won’t be there words, but their silence that hurts so bad.
    sometimes in an effort to spare us pain, people will wound us with the things that are left unsaid.
    yes, we need nearness. we need smiles and to laugh.

    but me…


    i really needed words.

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