>You are a Masterpiece!

>Hi there….

Short blog this morning… but I wanted to say I appreciate you sharing this journey with me…
I pray that what I share is encouraging and reassuring to your heart and mind.
You are wonderful in ways you have not yet comprehended… and today, I expect the Lord to reveal to you at least one more reason why he called your creation good!
May He reveal what some of those innumerable thoughts are… and let you in on the rhythm of His heartbeat for you.
Today is another one of His masterpieces!
Enjoy it.
Cherish it….
and don’t be afraid to expect what’s best!

My mind and heart are full of gratitude today…. and it is an honor to pray for your day.
You are soo special and in God’s ability you can complete well… each task that faces you this day!

Precious Father….
We adore you!
We are in awe of All that YOU are!
Your grandeur is so hard for us to grasp most times…. You are so great.
And Lord, what sometimes seems just as hard… is understanding and believing that when you created us… YOU said “It is GOOD”!
Wow, Lord. Who can KNOW that… I mean really know it?
Please reveal to us how you truly feel about us today Daddy.
Open our mind and heart to truly accept your opinion as the best one.
Let us not be so wrapped up in the things of this world, that we fail to see heaven all around us… and even more WITHIN us.
We are fearfully and wonderfully made today.
We are greatful for each asset you chose for us….. beautiful eyes, graceful hands, strong shoulders, dainty noses, various and beautiful shades….. on the outside you gave us all something spectacuar……
and on the inside…. a system that no human mind has fully grasped…. a heart that beats the blood that sustains us… muscles that allow us to run, jump and praise you.
And a little deeper… you gave us a mind, will and emotions – our soul.
What a vast ocean of capabilities. You truly are great.
And the greatest and most eternal place…. our spirit…. and YOUR spirit…. living inside of us.
How YOU get covered up by all of the other things.
Today, I pray that YOUR SPIRIT within us… will shine brightly…. and speak to us… revealing the greater things!
What an honor to house the Treasure of heaven within us!

YOU are amazing!
We are Your Good!

We love you with all You’ve given us…
In Jesus’ Name… amen.

And so today… may you work, love and play… remembering that you are fearfully and wonderfully made!

“I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well. ” Psalm 139:14

Much love to you,



One Comment to “>You are a Masterpiece!”

  1. >TRACYE!Girlfriend… I just figured out that the only way I could post a comment on your blog would be to get a bogus blogger account… so that’s what I did! I left a comment for you on mine when you surprised me there, but I never was able to comment here since I’m with squarespace rather than blogger… until now… Haa…Haa…Haaaaaaa! (evil laugh!)I just got an e-mail from Rhonda. She told me about seeing you at a Tuesday night Bible study or something. So, I got your “hello” through her. Thanks! ;-)This is a beautiful post… heavenly imagery in your words! And even more beautiful knowing I’ve had a small glimpse into your heart… such a blessing for me!P.S. LOVED the pics of you and your family. I have to get on the ball & add some more personal things to my blog. Y’all are more techy than me!

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