>You’re Not Alone

>I’m running a little late today…
Don’t you love those mornings (great sarcasm :0)

Actually… it’s not that I’m running late… it’s just that the “messies” caught up with me this morning and I had to spend some of my quiet time calming the storm in my bedroom… laughing.
You have to laugh while you’re working on your idiosyncrisies….. or you’ll end up in tears.
Well at least that’s my story.

Speaking of the storm in my bedroom…. there are a few storms in my life right now….
the heaviest on my heart is the one at work. To make a loooong story really short…. we are a group of 3 women (I could stop right there), 2 guys and a boss…. who are building a dept that upon our arrival was an overwhelmed effort of 2 people… doing the job of 6.
As you can imagine…. having to put processes in place and define things can become a blame game, a chance to “shine”, and ….. well you can fill in the blanks I’m sure.

Right now… work is a challenge. And you know… I’m so happy this morning to say that I am excited.
Now before you close the page on me…. let me just tell you why.

It’s not that I haven’t shed tears…. been angry and ready for revenge…
It’s not that I haven’t been ready to defend myself or get someone straight.

The reason I am excited is because when people around me try to make me feel “alone”… it is in those times that the Lord shows me just how close He is! He is right by my side at work… and anywhere else I go.

He is a ready defender.
HE said “Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm”.
HE said to “Take no thought about provision” (Tracye’s translation).

Yesterday was a tough day…. and after ranting it out and getting myself upset all over again… I walked into my room and happened to go to Jason Upton’s website. As I continued to surf the web… I realized that the song playing on his website was repeating…. one time, two times and a third time. Though I thought it was soothing… I was still so angry that I hadn’t been listening to the words:

Your not Alone
Your not Alone…
I never leave you
I never leave you!!!

over and over again it played….. and I began to realize that He was speaking to me.

I hadn’t realized that beyond all of the other issues… the deepest one I was facing was the lie of the enemy that I was alone…. especially concerning my job.
He reminded me that I am not alone at work.
Who can make war with our God?
Who can come against the Creator of the Universe?
Who can stand in His Presence?

Once again…. I’ve been changd. I’m going to work today… KNOWING that NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME WILL PROSPER!!!! My Great God is on MY SIDE!!!!!

I’m excited to see the wicked plans fail.
I’m intensely aware that He is with ME today.. and everyday.
I am free of anxiety and worry… because He’ll give me the wisdom, the patience and the supernaturally ability to do an awesome job at any task that comes my way!!

I am not alone!

And neither are you!
Remember today…. whatever the tough situations.. and in whatever way that the enemy is trying to tell you that you’re out there by yourself…. Remember!


With Greatful Love,


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