>Suprised by LOVE

>Yesterday was such a wonderful day. For the first time in such a looooong time, Valentine’s Day was a JOYFUL day in my life. Not because I had some amazing romantic encounter, 3 dozen roses or an engagement ring from the man of my destiny…. but simply because the Lord caused a heart change in me during the wee hours of the morning. In that time.. as I poured out my heart, he was pouring back in. Refreshing my wells, if you will.

I’ll share with you one of my “fears” about Valentine’s Day…. that every woman around me… at work, home and anywhere else will be “celebrated” while I rejoice with and for them yet another year. I know… it’s not nice…. but it’s unapologetically real.
That’s one of those hurts that I wanted to really release to Him.
As I talked and listened… I realized something.
What is going on in me…. what has happened to my mind and heart.
I began to notice that there were no tears this year…. my heart didn’t hurt… and my mind was not confused!!! I was actually EXCITED about walking out this Valentine’s Day!!!

Well I don’t know about you…. but this was BIG for me :0)

So I went to work… loved on everyone and received their love…. and it was just a sweet sweet day. It’s been very busy so the time passed quickly.
Around 2 in the afternoon… IT happened :0)

“Someone has a delivery… someone has a delivery”!! And I’m thinking… awww that is soo sweet.
Well coming straight for me is a great, big, purple stuffed bunny(now affectionately named “Lavender” and a precious heart vase with yellow and red roses!!!!!

To my absolute shock and DELIGHT they were for ME!!!!

How totally amazing!
How totally like LOVE:0)

Needless to say, I was so completely blown away. I had no idea.

I share this story not to brag at all…. or to make you sad …. but to encourage you.

Those roses and that sweet little bunny were from my Father in heaven…. sent by my earthly angel…. my Best Friend in this life… Reco!

Reco…. let me just boast a little about the Jesus in Him.
He is THE MOST HUMBLE and loving person I have ever encountered. He has been through hell and back…. and all with a radiant and triumphant smile on face. He is completely and solely in Love with His Creator… and is daily surrendering his all for the Glory of God.
I am encouraged by him.
I am taught by him.
I am changed by the Love of the Lord through him.
I am so very greatful for all that he is!
HE is like Valentine’s every single day of my life… I kid you not.

I pray that you too, have someone in your life who exemplifies Jesus…. someone who is outside of themselves and longing to always be only in Christ.
That’s Reco for me.

I pray that one day, I will be that for someone too.

Nancy Keeth has affectionately termed this type of person your “Tony the Beat Poet”.
We’re reading the book “Blue like Jazz”… and there is a character in the book by this name.
In short… it is the type of person who keeps you real…. keeps you honest…. and I’ll take the liberty of saying that they keep you close to themselves but even closer to Christ!

Thank you, Reco.
Thank you, Nancy.

Dear Daddy…Dear LOVE,

I want to publicly thank you for walking through the day with me yesterday. We had such a great time in the wee hours of the morning. Thanks for loving on me the way you do.
No one in this world can be as sweet as you are.
No one in this world can be as lovely and keep me in love with them as much as I am with You!
You are amazing!
I was soooo suprised yesterday when you showed up with the Bunny and the Flowers!
Thank you…. for dispelling a 30 year old lie… that I was undeserving of that type of affection.
Thank you… for breaking that bondage in my head and heart.

One gift, Lord. Just one…. how it can change a person’s life.
YOU are that gift for me.
And even still you choose to give me more.
Thank you for Reco…. bless him 100 fold for his obedience to you.

Thank you so much for all the ways that you prove your love .

I love you all…. and pray that you are encouraged!
Have a fabulous day…. u2 may be suprised by LOVE (I hope so),



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