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February 28, 2006

>You are a Masterpiece!

>Hi there….

Short blog this morning… but I wanted to say I appreciate you sharing this journey with me…
I pray that what I share is encouraging and reassuring to your heart and mind.
You are wonderful in ways you have not yet comprehended… and today, I expect the Lord to reveal to you at least one more reason why he called your creation good!
May He reveal what some of those innumerable thoughts are… and let you in on the rhythm of His heartbeat for you.
Today is another one of His masterpieces!
Enjoy it.
Cherish it….
and don’t be afraid to expect what’s best!

My mind and heart are full of gratitude today…. and it is an honor to pray for your day.
You are soo special and in God’s ability you can complete well… each task that faces you this day!

Precious Father….
We adore you!
We are in awe of All that YOU are!
Your grandeur is so hard for us to grasp most times…. You are so great.
And Lord, what sometimes seems just as hard… is understanding and believing that when you created us… YOU said “It is GOOD”!
Wow, Lord. Who can KNOW that… I mean really know it?
Please reveal to us how you truly feel about us today Daddy.
Open our mind and heart to truly accept your opinion as the best one.
Let us not be so wrapped up in the things of this world, that we fail to see heaven all around us… and even more WITHIN us.
We are fearfully and wonderfully made today.
We are greatful for each asset you chose for us….. beautiful eyes, graceful hands, strong shoulders, dainty noses, various and beautiful shades….. on the outside you gave us all something spectacuar……
and on the inside…. a system that no human mind has fully grasped…. a heart that beats the blood that sustains us… muscles that allow us to run, jump and praise you.
And a little deeper… you gave us a mind, will and emotions – our soul.
What a vast ocean of capabilities. You truly are great.
And the greatest and most eternal place…. our spirit…. and YOUR spirit…. living inside of us.
How YOU get covered up by all of the other things.
Today, I pray that YOUR SPIRIT within us… will shine brightly…. and speak to us… revealing the greater things!
What an honor to house the Treasure of heaven within us!

YOU are amazing!
We are Your Good!

We love you with all You’ve given us…
In Jesus’ Name… amen.

And so today… may you work, love and play… remembering that you are fearfully and wonderfully made!

“I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well. ” Psalm 139:14

Much love to you,


February 27, 2006

>Happy Birthday Mommy!

>Today is a wonderful day….. I awoke with joy after a very beautiful weekend… full of fun times.
I’ll tell you all about that later on this evening…. but this morning…. I want to celebrate the most amazing woman I know. My Mom!!!

It’s her birthday… and I am sooo thankful that this is the day that she was given to this world…. and that as her story was written….she was chosen for me… and I for her. Wow! What a wonderful God… to always provide for us… in just the way we need.

My mother is perfect… for me :0)
God in His divine wisdom knew had it all planned out… He knew every tear…. every moment of screaming laughter….
He knew each tragedy and every single breathless wonder that would take place in our lives.
During each of those times in my life…. My amazing mother was right by my side!

When no one else understands…. she is there.
When I want to dance…. she plays a song.
When I need a to cry…. she too cries.

There is nothing more precious than the times that she and I get lost in praising His name.
It’s so sweet… the way she’ll be talking about something that the Lord has done… how He loved on one of us…. or unexpectedly showed up in a situation…. and her strong voice will break with the flood of tears. When the melody of her lyrics are replaced with a quiet lifting of her hands and a stream flows down her cheek….
It is then that I understand why Daddy bottles each one of our tears.

She is beautiful.
She is Loves lavishly.
She is strong and sweet.

I am so thankful to know her…. to watch her grow even as I grow up.
To cherish the memories of childhood…. and now enjoy calling her my Friend.

I wish I could be there with her today…. to wrap my arms around her… and kiss her on the cheek 20-too-many times as I love to do… (laughing).
But it’s okay…. because I know that there is Someone Who loves and adores her even more than I do…. and HE will celebrate her fabulously today! Unexpected blessings will overtake her today… and peace will drape over her … as the finest garment.

Thank you Mommy… for simply being you! I love you so much!

Sweet Father,

I love you.
Even as the tears fill my eyes this morning… I am sooo thankful.
You truly make all things beautiful… and my life is no exception.
Today… I celebrate on my most precious gifts in this life… My mother!
Lord… she is so special… and I am so greatful that you chose her for me.
You could not have picked a more perfect woman…. she is fabulous in every way.
Thank you.
I stand in awe of your ways, Lord.
As this day progresses, Father… I pray that she will feel just as special as she is.
May you allow her to be celebrated well!
Wrap Your great Love around her…. and respond to her every prayer.
Bless her with Your finest blessings…. and most of all give her even more of You!
In the Name of Jesus….with a heart overjoyed…

Have a beautiful day,

February 18, 2006

>Snowed In

>It’s snowing in Nashville today…. too bad I couldn’t get a picture of the beautiful view in time for this post.

I’m happy to enjoy the scenery and the relaxation.
I’m a little sad that the roads are not safe for my drive to Atlanta to see my family.

So I thought I put a few pics up of my family….. since I was reminiscing anyway.

Here’s one of my cutie-pie nephew. He’s great friends with Elmo :0)

My Mom and Dad will be at my sisters house this weekend…. and I was suppose to join them… but we all thought it best not to make the drive 😦

Here’s the girls of our family… My mommy, sister Trina and me. This was taken during my nephew’s naming ceremony. He was sooo little! My Mom made the little prince outfit he had on… wasn’t he adorable!

So here’s me and my little buddy back at Thanksgiving…. he was only a few weeks old then.

And here’s Cutie-bug again… with my brother Hines. I’ve always said he’s the prettiest kid my parents had :0)

Putting all of these pics on here today… I realize that two people are missing from my collections…. My brother Shedrick (his precious family) and my Dad!!!
Well that will have to change!!!!

I love my family so much….
It is such a blessing to have them close enough to get together often.

My prayer today, is that you know how much you are loved.
Even though I’m a bit saddened by not being with them…. I am full of the Love that we have given one another in times past. I am reminded today, to cherish those moments always.

Maybe this little message could be encouragement or confirmation to you today…. to pick up the phone or write out a card for the ones you call family. Hold them close for as long as you have them. For tomorrow is not promised, right?

Dear Daddy,

Thank you so much for my family….. for the great joys and the deep sorrows that have filled our years together. Lord, I see you often, in the optimism of my father, the diligence and leadership of my sister, the passion and humor of my brother Hines, the analytical wisdom of my brother Shedrick, and the beautiful heart of my mother. What a contrast of characters you chose to blend into this family. Your ways are far higher than ours…. and I’m trusting that as they have blessed and enriched my life, I am doing the same for them.
Thank you for our health… our wealth… our love and most of all for our Faith…. for that is what led us to YOU.
May You know Lord, today… just how much Your family Loves you!!!
We bless and honor you and give you all the glory.
In Jesus’ Name,

Have a relaxing and worry free weekend…. and for those of you here in Nashville, enjoy the snow!!!


February 16, 2006

>You’re Not Alone

>I’m running a little late today…
Don’t you love those mornings (great sarcasm :0)

Actually… it’s not that I’m running late… it’s just that the “messies” caught up with me this morning and I had to spend some of my quiet time calming the storm in my bedroom… laughing.
You have to laugh while you’re working on your idiosyncrisies….. or you’ll end up in tears.
Well at least that’s my story.

Speaking of the storm in my bedroom…. there are a few storms in my life right now….
the heaviest on my heart is the one at work. To make a loooong story really short…. we are a group of 3 women (I could stop right there), 2 guys and a boss…. who are building a dept that upon our arrival was an overwhelmed effort of 2 people… doing the job of 6.
As you can imagine…. having to put processes in place and define things can become a blame game, a chance to “shine”, and ….. well you can fill in the blanks I’m sure.

Right now… work is a challenge. And you know… I’m so happy this morning to say that I am excited.
Now before you close the page on me…. let me just tell you why.

It’s not that I haven’t shed tears…. been angry and ready for revenge…
It’s not that I haven’t been ready to defend myself or get someone straight.

The reason I am excited is because when people around me try to make me feel “alone”… it is in those times that the Lord shows me just how close He is! He is right by my side at work… and anywhere else I go.

He is a ready defender.
HE said “Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm”.
HE said to “Take no thought about provision” (Tracye’s translation).

Yesterday was a tough day…. and after ranting it out and getting myself upset all over again… I walked into my room and happened to go to Jason Upton’s website. As I continued to surf the web… I realized that the song playing on his website was repeating…. one time, two times and a third time. Though I thought it was soothing… I was still so angry that I hadn’t been listening to the words:

Your not Alone
Your not Alone…
I never leave you
I never leave you!!!

over and over again it played….. and I began to realize that He was speaking to me.

I hadn’t realized that beyond all of the other issues… the deepest one I was facing was the lie of the enemy that I was alone…. especially concerning my job.
He reminded me that I am not alone at work.
Who can make war with our God?
Who can come against the Creator of the Universe?
Who can stand in His Presence?

Once again…. I’ve been changd. I’m going to work today… KNOWING that NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME WILL PROSPER!!!! My Great God is on MY SIDE!!!!!

I’m excited to see the wicked plans fail.
I’m intensely aware that He is with ME today.. and everyday.
I am free of anxiety and worry… because He’ll give me the wisdom, the patience and the supernaturally ability to do an awesome job at any task that comes my way!!

I am not alone!

And neither are you!
Remember today…. whatever the tough situations.. and in whatever way that the enemy is trying to tell you that you’re out there by yourself…. Remember!


With Greatful Love,

February 15, 2006

>Suprised by LOVE

>Yesterday was such a wonderful day. For the first time in such a looooong time, Valentine’s Day was a JOYFUL day in my life. Not because I had some amazing romantic encounter, 3 dozen roses or an engagement ring from the man of my destiny…. but simply because the Lord caused a heart change in me during the wee hours of the morning. In that time.. as I poured out my heart, he was pouring back in. Refreshing my wells, if you will.

I’ll share with you one of my “fears” about Valentine’s Day…. that every woman around me… at work, home and anywhere else will be “celebrated” while I rejoice with and for them yet another year. I know… it’s not nice…. but it’s unapologetically real.
That’s one of those hurts that I wanted to really release to Him.
As I talked and listened… I realized something.
What is going on in me…. what has happened to my mind and heart.
I began to notice that there were no tears this year…. my heart didn’t hurt… and my mind was not confused!!! I was actually EXCITED about walking out this Valentine’s Day!!!

Well I don’t know about you…. but this was BIG for me :0)

So I went to work… loved on everyone and received their love…. and it was just a sweet sweet day. It’s been very busy so the time passed quickly.
Around 2 in the afternoon… IT happened :0)

“Someone has a delivery… someone has a delivery”!! And I’m thinking… awww that is soo sweet.
Well coming straight for me is a great, big, purple stuffed bunny(now affectionately named “Lavender” and a precious heart vase with yellow and red roses!!!!!

To my absolute shock and DELIGHT they were for ME!!!!

How totally amazing!
How totally like LOVE:0)

Needless to say, I was so completely blown away. I had no idea.

I share this story not to brag at all…. or to make you sad …. but to encourage you.

Those roses and that sweet little bunny were from my Father in heaven…. sent by my earthly angel…. my Best Friend in this life… Reco!

Reco…. let me just boast a little about the Jesus in Him.
He is THE MOST HUMBLE and loving person I have ever encountered. He has been through hell and back…. and all with a radiant and triumphant smile on face. He is completely and solely in Love with His Creator… and is daily surrendering his all for the Glory of God.
I am encouraged by him.
I am taught by him.
I am changed by the Love of the Lord through him.
I am so very greatful for all that he is!
HE is like Valentine’s every single day of my life… I kid you not.

I pray that you too, have someone in your life who exemplifies Jesus…. someone who is outside of themselves and longing to always be only in Christ.
That’s Reco for me.

I pray that one day, I will be that for someone too.

Nancy Keeth has affectionately termed this type of person your “Tony the Beat Poet”.
We’re reading the book “Blue like Jazz”… and there is a character in the book by this name.
In short… it is the type of person who keeps you real…. keeps you honest…. and I’ll take the liberty of saying that they keep you close to themselves but even closer to Christ!

Thank you, Reco.
Thank you, Nancy.

Dear Daddy…Dear LOVE,

I want to publicly thank you for walking through the day with me yesterday. We had such a great time in the wee hours of the morning. Thanks for loving on me the way you do.
No one in this world can be as sweet as you are.
No one in this world can be as lovely and keep me in love with them as much as I am with You!
You are amazing!
I was soooo suprised yesterday when you showed up with the Bunny and the Flowers!
Thank you…. for dispelling a 30 year old lie… that I was undeserving of that type of affection.
Thank you… for breaking that bondage in my head and heart.

One gift, Lord. Just one…. how it can change a person’s life.
YOU are that gift for me.
And even still you choose to give me more.
Thank you for Reco…. bless him 100 fold for his obedience to you.

Thank you so much for all the ways that you prove your love .

I love you all…. and pray that you are encouraged!
Have a fabulous day…. u2 may be suprised by LOVE (I hope so),


February 14, 2006

>Be Mine

Here’s my little Valentine!
Isn’t he precious?!!
This is my sweet nephew…..Tayo is his name…. and he has captured my heart.

I hope that today is a joyful one for you!

This morning has started earlier than usual for me. My eyes popped open at about 130 am…. (okay so I went to bed extremely early too. Yes, it was only 745p…. but I was sleepy… and now it will definitely be a Starbucks morning)!!

Waking up early is one of my favorite things about this life. When everything is quiet, peaceful and still, I feel most right with the world. I don’t know about you… but my thoughts are loud and my mind is noisy… so it’s in the Quiet Hours of the morning… that my soul can stop shouting over the volume of distractions and responsibilites of each day.
Here.. I find true rest.
Here… I find real peace.
And most of all, Love.

As I was catching up on some emails this morning…. I came across a beautiful expression of this Love…. and it is the first of the many precious gifts that the Lord shall give to me this Valentine’s Day. I want to give this gift to you…. praying that it will bless you too.

Fill my cup, Lord.
I hold it up to you with outstretched hands,
My heart parched and thirsty for your living water.
Fill my cup with your love, Lord.
Help me to feel your hands holding mine,
feel your arms around me, feel your love empowering me.
Fill me with quietness and encouragement and trust.
Help me to live for you when trials, difficulties,
and storms hit me and those I love so deeply.
Help me not to give up when giving up seems easier.
Help me to trust you when I don’t feel like trusting anymore.
When I know pain, fill my cup with prayer.
Teach me the secrets of service and surrender.

Fill my cup, Lord. I lift it up to you.
Lift me up to do your will with love and sacrifice,
Never forgetting what you sacrificed for me-
Your Son.
My Messiah.
My Lord Jesus Christ.
Help me, Lord, to accept where I am now.
Help me to know I’m not stuck forever in my circumstances.
Help me remember that the windows do open
and that fresh breezes do blow in
and that living water forever flows
and that those who ask receive.
I’m asking, now, Lord.
I’m holding my cup in my hands,
And I’m asking you to fill it . . . with you.
. . . .
And when my cup springs a leak,
As earthen vessels are prone to do.
Then I’ll just have to ask again,
Trusting in your love
To fill me again . . .

Happy Valentine’s Day to you….. My prayer today is that you not be found empty…. but that you would know the depth of His Great Love for you! That above all the other voices… you would hear His the loudest…. gently asking you to “Come… and be mine”!

With an overflowing heart!

February 12, 2006

>Life Happened

>It’s been a while since I posted on here…. and even longer than that since I’ve been faithful to sharing consistently. I will begin my attempt again today.

I am not good at continuing things…. I am great at new beginnings and I thrive on change to a great extent…. it’s the gind that gets me. You know, once things are not new anymore, I seem to lose interest in them. I’m not sure where that began in me because I don’t always remember being that way. Maybe it was a place of pain…. a massive disappointment that caused such harm to my loyalty. Who was it? What was it….. that happened to that young, sweet, people-loving, always-on-the-go, optimistic (to a fault in some people’s eyes), completely dedicated person I used to be?

Life happened.
Other people’s issues of control happened.
God answering NO to my most heartfelt prayers happened.
“I don’t see you that way” happened (again and again)
Separations from all I knew and love happened.
Rejection happened

It’s not hard to understand the reasons why…. if I just take the time to think about it? Deep down, I already know. But I have stuffed those hurtful experiences down in the past and instead of really being that wonderful person I enjoyed being…. I TRIED to be her when I really wasn’t.
Pain had caused me to become severely numb to LIFE in general…..and when I looked, I saw someone else’s image staring back from the mirror.

There she was….. a cold, uncaring, unresponsive, broken mess. Nothing like the girl I knew… the girl I assumed I’d always be.

So, a year ago….. the thawing out process really began. I’ve learned many many lessons about this crazy and wonderful thing we call Life.

In this blog…. I will share about those lessons…. about the JOYs and pains….. the Great thing and those things that tear my heart to pieces.

To me…. that is such a necessary part of Ministry.
Tracye Dukes Ministry…. is all about serving…. the heart and the mind of all who will allow.
All I have to give, is all that I have been given…. all that I have survived…. and all that God is through me.

I pray that today, you to will take what has happened in your life… and with God’s help…. allow it to minister to someone else.

Love and blessings,

Romans 8:28-29 (This came to mind… but I encourage you to read the 8th chapter in the Message Bible if you can…. it is soooo good!!!) Romans 8

28 That’s why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good.
29 God knew what he was doing from the very beginning. He decided from the outset to shape the lives of those who love him along the same lines as the life of his Son. The Son stands first in the line of humanity he restored. We see the original and intended shape of our lives there in him.

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