>Precious Gifts!

My amazing sister Trina… and my beautiful new nephew Tayo… having fun washing the do! Posted by Picasa

Isn’t this a fun shot!
For all who have never met her… I have a really amazing woman that I am privileged to call my sister. Her name is Trina Dukes….whoops,… I mean Trina Ashadele!
She’s my upclose Oprah!

Well for those of you who know how much I love Oprah.. that’s a reallll big compliment!
Anyway… I love my big sister dearly…. and although we were not the best of friends growing up… I am truly enjoying this new and wonderful chapter in the story of our sisterhood!

It was only two very short months ago that Trina gave birth to the little one who has stolen my heart! He is so very precious to me…. a true gift from God.

There are many more pics to come…. I just thought this one was so adorable… I wanted to share it right away!

Today… be blessed! Embrace Who and What you have… enjoy them completely. They are a precious gift to you!

Love you all,


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